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Shannon M

I thought I wanted one of these pretty Pinterest pantries but once Eileen and I started talking about my daily habits, it was clear I would never maintain it. So she came up with a good system for a slob like me. It’s working out pretty good.

Maria and Joe Brock

I hired Eileen to organize my pantry and playroom. It turned out that I didn’t need such a big pantry since my kitchen has so much cabinetry. She organized my pantry stuff beautifully into the cabinets and turned my pantry into a much needed laundry room. It was the best idea ever! The playroom turned out great too! I have worked with Eileen several times since 2012 when we bought a dingy old house that needed a complete gut. We hired Eileen for the kitchen and pantry. The house didn’t have a bathroom on the first floor. Eileen helped turn the pantry into a powder room and she figured out how to get the kitchen layout that we wanted with limited space. She designed a farmhouse look before it was even a thing. Everyone that sees the kitchen and bathroom thinks it was just done even though its 10 years old already! The best part is that it doesn’t look cookie cutter. She modified an old table to make an island and found an antique hutch to help us save on cabinetry costs. It looks amazing and fits the style of the house so perfectly. We love her ideas! She made so many suggestions that helped us save on renovation costs. We use her hourly services whenever we have a new project.

Theresa Campos

I purchased a bunch of canisters for my pantry with the hopes of organizing it myself, but I didn’t turn out how I thought it would. Eileen rescued my pantry disaster.